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March 20, 2009

Will you call them gods, or will you call them freaks

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I’ve finally started organising myself, not just at home, not just at work, but in my computer and the internets (hey, it’s a cool sounding word!).

My first step was to get an openid (which I did at Verisign – I was surprised to find out it was run by Verizon). The following site had lots of good advice about openids ( http://www.supersatellite.com/2008/01/23/getting-into-openid/)

I’ve tried several times to get more involved in the internet, but I just don’t follow through. Last year I even bought two domain names… which I briefly used on free websites and rarely updated. So this time, I’m starting cheap, I’m starting simple and I’ll build on it when the commitment starts to appear.

This has been triggered in part by my work. I work with some really smart people who I am in awe of and aim to be like. I’ve just started work on a .NET project which has an Oracle backend with pl/sql in the middle. My first day into this and I’ve realised how little I really know about development. Yes, I can fix and maintain things… but any code monkey can learn to do. Development is a whole new arena for me (well, since I finished uni 2 years ago), and now I am free to design this program however I want. I’m suddenly researching good development skills on the internet as I want to improve myself and become a competent developer.

To do this, I want to start practicing my programming skills in my free time. Since I do IT work all day, I haven’t bothered doing computer stuff at home, outside of net-surfing and watching tv shows/movies. My very active personal life also does not help. But, if I want to improve my skills, I have to put in the effort and I want to put in the effort.

I worked out that on average, I would watch at least 14 hours of television a week. I am constantly trying to keep up with everyone and trying to find new shows to watch. But while it’s fun, it doesn’t leave me with a good feeling. It does not help me to be more organised and my life is more than a bit out of control at this point.

In fact, I have friends over tomorrow and I should be cleaning and cooking, but somehow, looking at IT stuff on the net is more interesting. But.. back on topic.

To succeed, my goals are:

1. Pick a new programming language and then select a small project/task, such as developing a simple computer game. (considering writing a game in Python, especially since I found out Miro was written in python).

2. Set up a central account to do everyone (check.)

3. Set up a blog/Wordpress account to record things regularly (check).

4. Organise my computer… it is incredibly full of duplicate files and random files I’ve saved and old programs I’ve never deleted and random files and music my brother put on there. The computer is 5 years old (my plans to upgrade will be saved for another post) and I have 3 hard drives in this PC. They haven’t been defragged in the last two years, so if I want a fast running decent computer (and I want to install and play Portal), then I’ll have to clean it up.

That’s enough for now or I’ll end up with too many goals to do. My final comment is…. delicious…. wow. I signed up for the first time today. I mean, I’m not a caveman, I had heard of it, and I knew what it did, but I had never used. Four tags later, I am massively impressed.


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